Sarah Cross


# Boxercise Classes

# Legs, Bums and Tums Classes

# Ante Natal Exercise

# Post Natal Exercise

# Pad Work

# Level 2 Gym Instructor


I have been involved in fitness and well being for 7 years. Working for my previous company I successfully ran and established fitness classes for over 2 years - building these classes over time. 


I felt I had much more to offer by creating my own classes. So far these classes have exceeded expectation and we are already expanding due to high demands.


I am a mum, and after having my son I struggled to regain my goal weight and fitness - and understand that life sometimes gets in the way. I decided to focus on ante and postnatal exercise classes and 1to1 training because I am passionate about helping other mums achieve their goals but doing so in a safe and enjoyable way - something which I struggled to find during and after my pregnancy.


I am a fully qualified Level 2 Gym Instructor (completed at YMCA fitness) and am currently completing additional workshops to broaden my knowledge and focus on specific areas of fitness.


I am passionate about what YOU want to achieve and want us to work together to succeed in YOUR goals.

Please contact me at any time to discuss your thoughts and any questions you may have. - all initial consultations are FREE!

email :- [email protected]